Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Difficult Analysis

I know you weep, when you turn away in your sleep
I know you die, everytime I look into your eyes and lie
I know a beginning ; far from here
Approaching each day, filling me up with fear .
Inch by inch, gap by gap,
Where you end, I begin
And run to the edge,
To make my leap into that sea
In a fit of rage I fall,
Cursing in murderous rage
And repent again before I sin :
Coz i know how hard it is to stop
Before once again, I start to begin .

With The Flow

Saturday, 29 December 2012

After a sleep

They who have been born amidst hate, find a way to get out of there. Coz, for them destiny has been written like that.
Some people live just to escape from one reality to another. Others follow their footprints to walk back home.

If today was a failure, and justice was a recluse, then its got to show up in future.If sadness was the last choice today, then the heart shall leap in moments of happiness tomorrow. Sometimes choices are already made for us. And we just have to stand up and own up to them; and make peace with the reality we find ourselves in. Keeping in mind the thought that, this reality was a recluse once, and it has fought through a battle of darkness through the night to see the light of day.

It is said..... that time is the widest of oceans. It takes up all our problems and dissolves them in its depth. Those that don't mix in its blueness get lost by sinking in the annals of its darkness. They stay, just like everything else, breathing a death through the existence of their subdued life.

While many find it fascinating to watch , others know that this reality itself is a hypothetical one. Coz, time has never actually shown its face till now. Its like the rest of the solutions that we are in search for--shameless. Never floating up to make its move even under the most trying of circumstances. Coz, time itself is the biggest protege of motion. Its lies low and just drifts away into oblivion....