Sunday, 30 December 2012

A Difficult Analysis

I know you weep, when you turn away in your sleep
I know you die, everytime I look into your eyes and lie
I know a beginning ; far from here
Approaching each day, filling me up with fear .
Inch by inch, gap by gap,
Where you end, I begin
And run to the edge,
To make my leap into that sea
In a fit of rage I fall,
Cursing in murderous rage
And repent again before I sin :
Coz i know how hard it is to stop
Before once again, I start to begin .


  1. This is simply beautiful.. visiting your blog after such a long time.. actually visiting my own blog after such a long.. :D

    1. Gee thanks..... In fact, I myself am not much of a frequent visitor these days :)))

  2. i read this holds an entirely new meaning for me now.. i love it more now.. :) you must write again!!! i'll be waiting..